• 1:39PM 7/28/14
    St. Charles Seminary in suburban Philadelphia is not a spectator sport. Meaning, countless Catholics have driven by St. Charles for decades and yet done little more than admire the school’s majestic architecture and tree-lined property from afar. So, if this describes you, then it’s time to get off the proverbial bench and visit this unique and divine treasure. And it just so happens that a great time to experience the beauty and history of St. Charles is this coming October at the St. Charles Seminary Gala. To learn more about this special event, contact Gina at 215.587.5650. That’s 215.587.5650.
  • 2:29PM 7/25/14
    Now some Catholics might resent today’s Salvo, but enough is enough with the label “pro-life Democrat”, which is a self-serving oxymoron used to rationalize one’s habitual religious identity with their misguided and irresponsible allegiance to a political party that has contempt for life’s most innocent and vulnerable. You see, you can’t have it both ways. Because by virtue of supporting and voting for Democrats (whose organizational platform unambiguously champions the termination of unborn life) you are enabling and contributing to a culture of death that is destroying the moral foundation of this great nation wecall America.
  • 4:41PM 7/24/14
    According to the Commerce Department, new home construction starts fell 9.3% in June. However, what’s not falling is the level of satisfaction that families experience when they choose to sell their existing home with Diane Cardano. That’s right, month by month, Diane Cardano’s clients continue to thrive. Because Diane understands how to attract qualified buyers willing to pay list price or higher for your home in just 26 days. So, don’t settle for less when Cardano Realtors can help home-sellers make settlement for more. To learn how Diane Cardano can help you, just call 215.576.8666. That’s 215.576.8666.
  • 11:40AM 7/23/14
    In the Bible’s Book of Psalms it reads, “Come and see the works of God; awesome are his deeds among the children.” And, today, roughly 3000 thousand years later, families of faith are coming to see the works of the Regina Academies – because awesome are their deeds among the children enrolled in theirCatholic classical curriculum. So, if you’re a parent looking for a school that will prepare your son or daughter scholastically and spiritually for the 21st Century, then visit the Regina Academies. To learn more about the Regina Academy nearest you, visit WhyRegina.com. That’s W-H-Y Regina dot com.
  • 6:48PM 7/22/14
    According to the National Association of Realtors, contracts to purchase existing homes increased 6.1% in May– marking the largest monthly spike since 2010. So, if you’re thinking of selling your house today or two years from now, consider Cardano Realtors - a firm that helps clients succeed no matter the conditions. Because regardless of fluctuations in mortgage rates or volatility in inventory, Cardano promises to attract qualified buyers willing to pay list price or higher for your house in 26 days or less. To learn how Cardano Realtors can attract the right buyer for your home, just call 215.576.8666. That’s 215.576.8666.