• 5:37PM 9/15/14
    In the Old Testament, the Book of Psalms says,“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree in the garden of the Lord.” And, today, reflecting the spirit of the New Testament, the Regina Academies are ensuring that the children will flourish like an oak tree in the garden of cultural temptation. So, if you’re a parent looking for a school that sharpens the mind and strengthens the soul, then consider the Regina Academies. With locations in nearby Abington, Ardmore, Downingtown and Ottsville, Bucks County, the Regina Academies offer a curriculum blending traditional Christian values and Catholic classical education. To learn more, visit WhyRegina.com. That’s W-H-Y Regina dot com.
  • 11:00AM 9/12/14
    In what’s become standard operating procedure, the Obama Justice Department has once again declared it discriminatory for an individual state to require photo identification as a means for ensuring fair elections. This time around the President and his Democrat friends want you to believe Republicans in the Longhorn State are playing a game of Texas hold ‘em back from voting. Yet, by essentially insinuating that blacks and Hispanics lack the capacity or capability to obtain a picture ID, it’s the Democrats who are playing the race card.
  • 10:48AM 9/11/14
    Today, the nation remembers the thousands of innocent men, women and children who were murdered on September 11, 2001 at the hands of Islamic terrorists. And may that fateful day be a reminder to us all of how a United States Commander-in-Chief is supposed to respond to evil: (audio of George W. Bush speaking at ground zero).
  • 6:20PM 9/10/14
    In 1992 Annie Lennox recorded the hit single“Walking on Broken Glass.” And although many of today’s Christian faithful would prove their faith by walking on broken glass, the goal this September 28th is a Sunday stroll in support of society’s most innocent and vulnerable. So, if you too believe the unborn deserve prayers and protection, then mark the 28th on your calendar for the Philadelphia Walk for Life. And best of all, there’s no registration required, simply show up at Love Park at 3:00PM. Again, that’s the Philadelphia Walk for Life at Love Park on Sunday, September 28th at 3:00PM. See you there.
  • 9:12PM 9/8/14
    If you were to ask the average school-age child,“what day is today?” – their answer would likely be Monday or September 8th. However, if you posed the same exact question to a student enrolled at the Regina Academies, they would tell you that today is the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And that’s precisely the advantage of a Catholic classical curriculum: young people are instilled with a spiritual understanding that allows them to grow beyond the limited confines of a one-dimensional secular education. To learn more about the Regina Academies, visit WhyRegina.com.