• 12:38PM 10/24/14
    For too long, high taxes and onerous regulations have not only impeded the growth of new jobs, but compromised the stability of existing jobs. So, on November 4th voters must take a hard look at candidates for public office with real world business experience; proven private-sector job creators with an unwavering commitment to restoring American prosperity. Now, more than ever, we need elected leaders who, like Ronald Reagan, understand that smaller government and pro-growth policies are what truly‘stimulate’ the economy.
  • 11:35AM 10/23/14
    Amidst rising fears of contagious disease and Islamic terrorism, the Obama Doctrine of open borders and military drawbacks are feckless strategies for keeping America safe. So, on November 4th voters must take a hard look at candidates for public office who boldly pledge their unwavering commitment to defeating Muslim aggression and defending our nation’s perimeter and sovereignty against foreign invaders. Now, more than ever, the United Stated needs elected leaders who, like Ronald Reagan, understand that peace, freedom and prosperity can only be achieved when America projects strength, confidence and leadership on the world stage.
  • 11:30AM 10/22/14
    It should come as no surprise that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently commented that coalescing individual nations around the mission of containing and combating the deadly Ebola virus presents a“test of global citizenship.” Because, consciously or not, those words demonstrate that left-wing secular progressives like Mr. Kerry can’t help but politicize every last issue, problem and crisis. And in this instance, that involves exploiting the contagious disease of Ebola to spread the ideological disease known as socialism – a movement which has caused more pain, suffering and death than any virus ever has or ever will.
  • 5:16PM 10/21/14
    October 16th was National Boss’s Day. And deservedly so. Bosses are the people who provide millions of jobs - jobs that allow American workers to provide their families with food, clothing and shelter. Of course, it’s easy to resent, dislike or even hate your boss. But remember that without them the free-market economy would cease to exist - as would your job and the many products and services you purchase with the money earned at your job. Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, take a moment and saythank you to your boss. Even if you don’t really want to or feel like it.
  • 5:15PM 10/20/14
    In Colorado, a transgender male student was recently crowned high school homecoming queen. That’s right. A biological boy won a contest that’s supposed to honor a biological girl. But the victorious transgender student isn’t the real issue here. No, the real issue is that the student body has been so perverted by the liberal news media and secular public education system that they found it reasonable and normal to elect a boy the queen. In truth, gender is not a human choice, but rather a gift from God. And as such, masculinity and femininity must be embraced, not erased.