• 11:05AM 10/17/14
    According the Holy Bible’s Book of Lamentations, “the Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to the soul that seeks Him.” And, today, in much the same spirit, it could be said that Regina Angelorum Academy is good to those who enroll in her, to the family that trusts her. And that trust extends beyond the classroom. Case in point, this Saturday, October 18th Regina Angelorum is hosting a special live concert event in nearby Ardmore featuring Christian pop-star Marie Miller and hit band L’Angelus. For tickets to this family-friendly extravaganza, just call 610.649.1730.
  • 11:40AM 10/15/14
    In our increasingly Godless culture, Catholic business leaders don’t just have an economic obligation to be fiscally responsible, but a moral obligation to be faithfully responsible. Today’s entrepreneurs must do more than just pitch their products; they must promote their piety by reminding consumers that they do God’s work by serving the needs of others.So, if you’re a Catholic business leader who understands the value of collaborating with those of like-mind and like-spirit, the Catholic Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and its upcoming Fall Ball is a resource waiting to serve you. For information call Barry at 610.368.0639.
  • 8:07PM 10/14/14
    The NFL recently announced that Super Bowl 49’s halftime show will feature pop-star Katy Perry. Now, in terms of family friendliness, there likely won’t be a wardrobe malfunction a la Super Bowl 38, but you can certainly expect more Miley Cyrus than Billy Ray Cyrus…if you get the drift. On the other hand, if you’d like to show your kids some clean and wholesome entertainment, then join like-minded families at a special concert event this Saturday, October 18th at Regina Angelorum Academy in Ardmore featuring Christian music-star Marie Miller and hit hand L’Angelus. For ticket information, just call 610.649.1730.
  • 4:36PM 10/13/14
    You’ve likely thought about the legacy YOU want to leave behind. But, more importantly, have you thought about the legacy you can help OTHERS leave behind? In the role of humble servant, the spiritually abundant among us have the responsibility to see that lonely and desperate pregnant women have the support and resources necessary to leave behind a legacy of life. That’s right. We need to step up and provide those considering the path of abortion, not a heavy hand, but a healing touch. To learn more about nourishing today’s expecting mothers with love and guidance, call the Legacy ofLife Foundation at 215.906.8878. That’s 215.906.8878.
  • 10:50AM 10/10/14
    Following a rash of complaints, Busch Gardens has decided to remove Halloween props from its Williamsburg and Tampa theme parks that depict headless bodies. Apparently, a number of visitors found these displays distasteful on the heels of two Americans recently decapitated by Islamic State jihadists. However, such an outcry over what amounts to fake amusement park decorations that are standard and normal each and every autumn is silly and the definition of hypersensitivity. Where the true outrage should be directed is at the politicians who refuse to put troops on the ground to defeat those who cut-off heads for real.