• 11:43AM 9/30/14
    In 2001, the critically acclaimed HBO mini-series, Band of Brothers, depicted a group of World War II US soldiers bonded by the common pursuit of helping good conquer evil. And, today in the midst of America’s culture war, the Philadelphia Liturgical Institute serves as a ‘band of believers’ bonded by the common pursuit of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. So, if you too feel that Christians of all denominations must band together in the struggle against Godlessness and secularism, please visit www.PhiladelphiaLiturgicalInstitute.org and register for their annual ecumenical dinner. Or call 610.489.7663 for event details.
  • 10:15PM 9/29/14
    Although millions of you pay property taxes that fund Godless public schools, your family’s hearts and minds need not follow if you allow the Regina Academies to be the chalice that quenches your children’s thirst for knowledge and faith. In our increasingly secular society, we must resist the temptation of permitting the monopoly called public-education to monopolize our moral compass. Because if we don’t, the price we pay could far exceed the modest tuition of the Regina Academies. To learn more about the Regina Academies and their Catholic classical curriculum that beautifully blends spirituality and scholarship, visit www.WhyRegina.com.
  • 8:46AM 9/26/14
    Each and every day thousands, if not millions, of birthdays are celebrated across America– and once a year we get to mark our own entrance into the world. And speaking of entering the world, a special man who has spent decades baptizing many new born babies is celebrating his very birthday today on Friday, September 26th. So, if you don’t mind, please take a moment to join me in wishing a happy birthday to Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput – and this can be done through the modern convenience of social media or the timeless act of prayer.