• 5:05PM 5/5/15
    With the 2015 Major League Baseball season underway, we once again get to enjoy manicured green grass, the crack of the bat and foot-long hot dogs– what you might call the sights, sounds and tastes of the ballpark. But reality doesn’t always look like a Norman Rockwell painting. Because on and off the field, players and fans alike struggle with addictions and dependencies. So, if a friend or family member in your life is battling substance abuse, Malvern Institute is the teammate you can trust to bat cleanup. To learn more about Malvern Institute, call 610.647.0330 or visit MalvernInstitute.com.
  • 5:04PM 5/4/15
    The now famous mother who plucked her rock throwing teenage son from the riot-torn streets of Baltimore is the epitome of‘tough love.’ Of course, the reason she was forced to administrate this ‘public display of attitude adjustment’ is because dad abandoned the family and, in the process, his duty to set a Godly example for his children. So, before America slouches further towards Gomorrah, fathers of all races, colors and creeds must understand that the fate of lawfulness and civility begins and ends with their decisions. To learn more about a man’s responsibility to lead a life of integrity and stewardship, visit TheKingsMen.org.